Friday, October 03, 2008

Yet another wedding layout album

I was about to boast my emotions on layouting with this new project I have here.. coz it's a debut guestbook album and suddenly im stuck in this layout and thinking it was good back when I was finish this layout a few months ago. This was my last project with Roy Oliveros before I resigned to him. Quite memorable thoug.. :P

Couple: Wesley & Danah
Date: December 20, 2007
Photos by: Roy Te Oliveros

Front page of the album..with their rings..

The details... the gown, the hotel, the ring, the souvenirs, bouquet, the bible and etc.

the bride's preparation with Sarsi her make-up artist

the bride's pictorial..

The bride with her flower girls and bride's maids

the groom's dressing with his brother also his bestman

the groom on pictorials..

the bride with her parents..

the groom with his parents and grooms men

and then going to church...

I cant get all the pages to show..for some reasons it goes to a privacy matters. Anyway, I hope you like it and drop some comments.


  1. WOW! its so beautiful... the photos...

  2. thank you lolli and ritzchelle..

  3. Nice photos.. Btw, i like the bride's gown :p

  4. the couple is familiar..are you from davao??they are doctors right??love the brides gown..sana minus the bolero..peace doki..

  5. yes I'm from davao.. i forgot what are their professions... really nice gown.

  6. so nice. i would love to have you to design my photos if i get're so good!

  7. sure.. my pleasure to do business with you.. haha.. pera na naman.. lol

  8. wonderful layout bos! i really love your idea... two thumps up! adding u in my blogroll as deejames blog... waiting 4 ur link back...

  9. @bonk3y thanks.. added you in my links..

  10. hi. found you site through atenean and man, this is whoa!

    especially love the last photo (left corner). it is so dramatic! ^_^

  11. yes.. courtesy of Mr. Roy Te Oliveros the photographer

  12. wow nice gown.. hope someday if i got merriage.. i wish!! i wearing like that gown.. nice.. congrats sa disigner,, very pround of u...


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