Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Digital Filipino Club Networking Event

Last night, the davao bloggers meet up at Pantawan Hall, Grand Regal Hotel. Sponsored by PAGCOR and Digital Filipino Club respectively.

"Better late than never". After work I immediately take a ride to the venue and arrived around 7pm and they are all starting to eat like hell (hehe). The "litson baboy" didn't wait me to pick up his crunchy skins! haha. I would like to thank to all the photographers and paparachi's who are there to take pictures. I don't have any camera of myself so I'm just grabbing your photos guys whenever I am there (nyahahha). To ate Rhodilee, Jireh and to all the bloggers nice meeting you all!.with me, ate janette toral, jireh and Ate Vina (pala)
I was enjoying the show while she was enjoying taking pictures yiiiikkk... yay

Backed up with freebies and live band, the event was very successful and full of fun. I've meet and mingled with bloggers of davao. And didn't expect a person to be there whom I know already sometime ago Mr. Cristopher Cubos and to my surprise he was a friend of Mr. Ted whom an Adobe writer.Photos by: dabawpinoyblog
take a snap to Blogie's Certificate of Recognition in his Davao Deli's Blog

Meiyah and me.. woooppss.. char lang

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  1. hi! nice pics. last night's event was a blast, wasn't it? :)
    dont u jst wish for more events lyk dat..
    fun, learning, and of!
    thnx for droppin by my pit :)

  2. hello deejames
    sorry if your name was not in my list
    we change the lay out.
    added you now. pls do the same..thank you!
    pls check.

  3. huyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. nice meeting you...


    see you again soon! sama ka sa gensan diba?

  4. yup.. i'll be there sa MBS2!! kita kita nasad ta...wee

  5. weee... enjoy au kagabie! hahaha... kitakits sa mbs2! naa imuhang dagway diria:

  6. Grabe ka Deejames... your pictures are all over the internet bwahahahahah. The beautiful woman with the "porn site" hahahaha who sat beside you is Ate Vina.

    Uy pangit jud ang mga shots nako!!!!

  7. ai.. si ate vina diay..wehhhehe.. edit ko na post... sori lang ke te vina..

  8. wahahahaha... asa pa man naa akoang mga dagway oi kay mang grab ko... wehehehe...

  9. wahaaha.. hala pang grab diha! nag grab ra gani ko.. paet ning walay kamera mangharbat nalang.. lols

  10. we're there too and i saw you:) kitakits sa MBS2 napud:) sayang, we ate dinner before going there last night..wala mi kakaon sa buffet dinner..tsk! tsk! sarap pa naman.

  11. hello, sorry I can't recognize you kasi wala kang pic sa blog mo kahit sa profile mo.. uhmm.. anyway, sobrang saya talaga ng event! see you soon sa gensan!

  12. Wow nkka-inggit naman 'yan bro. Mukha talagang nag-enjoy ka. I can see it on your pics. Hehehe

  13. @delish dish uu super! saya talaga.. hehe

    @sam di ba halata? hehe pero few of them lang talaga nakilala ko.. yung nakausap talaga.. hehe lam mo na nagkakahiyaan e..lols

  14. deejames,

    you were raised in gensan pala. nabasa ko lang ng profile mo.

    c u sa MBS2.

  15. whew!

    tablemate..remember meh?!?!?!

    nice meeting u there!

  16. Karon 23 naa pud dinhi sa Cebu. nice event for us bloggers!


  18. ndi kmi mkksama s gensan... huhuhuhu...

    anyway, hoping to see you again... soon! :)

  19. hi! Was there too with fellow bloggers, nice to know daghan diay ta dri sa Davao.

  20. @CyNurse yup.. taga gensan talaga ako.. andito lang ako sa davao for my work.. so i live here alone.. yup, see you sa MBS2! can't wait..

    @gagay oi.. ikaw diay na.. kaatbang ra ta.. hehe na add napod taka sa links..nice meeting you too..

    @Downloader oi gudluck pod sa inyo event..make it a party like there's no tomorrow para sulit jud!

    @JedMeister ah ok.. ok ra na.. hope to see you again too..^_^

  21. @Melody hi, nice to know you're there too.. di lang kita napansin dun.. but anyway ang saya ng event dba?

  22. naa add na taka.. hehehe.. tnx sa pag visit

  23. hello dropping by to say hi:) good evening:)

  24. hi, dropping by.nsakpan na gyud nako imong blog. unsa gyud diay imong name?henry or deejames? hehehe.kauban ta ug sakyanan sa gensan tour.hope to see u around the blogosphere.

  25. thanks guys...

    shierylssi deejames oi.. obvious ba sa akong domain? tsk tsk tsk.. si henry katong naka green.. haller.. hehehe

  26. Hello deejames,

    I was in the event too... ang daming tao! can we exchange links?

    Please visit my new site "Davao Life" (

    Nice blog!

  27. hi neolle.. thanks for dropping by.. and added you already...

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