Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Comfort me

Hi Guys,

Life is not really easy.
But we take control of it.
It is how we make our own life.
But we all have the same end.

Few years ago, my father died in just a snap by a virus called Encephalitis. The feeling is still here in me. And it keeps coming back when I heard any father died like a snap also.

Anyway, just feeling senti now, and i have come up to this gazing thoughts in my mind.

Comfort me
by: James Historia

who would comfort..
when you have nothing but yourself..
when you are in a dark room..
when tears seems to fall..
when you feel weak, tired and empty..
the only thing we have,is our own self..
and the unseen existence of God..
through faith..
through prayers..

Oh God,
please always guide me.
comfort me.
take care of me...
in all my endeavors..
all my life..

let there be light..
and soft pillow..
to lay down..
and have a sweet dream...
at the end of the day
at the end of my life..
pls comfort me.