Sunday, June 15, 2008


i even can't afford to call you..
hearing your voice makes me sick..
i cant even buy the things i wanted to give you..
im afraid u'll misunderstood me..
i really cant afford you...
you're so far from me..
coz im so poor..
poor, that i cant give anything to you..
but only by loving you..

How glad am I

Quotes and Poemshow glad am i..
for i have found
the most precious thing in the world...
the gift given to me by God...
how amazing..
beautiful creature who could imagine can be mine..
how lovely..
whe she smiles at me...
how long it has been,
that ive been searching for an angel like her.
.and now i have her in my hands..
dont wanna lose every single momentout of my sight...
just make me afraid.
if i could lose her in a hole...
that would be the end for all of this...
but hold still..
i'll just be here...
ti'll the last deep of my breath...
ti'll the last rain drops fell..
how glad am i..
i found the treasure...
the love so you..

I want myself back

i wanted to stop this feeling
and forget all about you
but i cant do nothing
it just gives me painevery single minute is like a lightyears to travel..
i wanted to give up..
but im too weak..
coz you took away my heart..
i wanted to get my strenght back..
but my sight are getting blurry..
i see dark ahead of me..
but how could a man fight without his heart?
pls give me myself back..

Always a child

if only I could be a child forever...
nothing to worry about life..
a happy child, always.
blessings so full.
i know there's a time for me..
to shine..or maybe into darkness..
but i wish i'll always be a child..
just play around..
make funny faces to elders..
let them have fun to me..
hugs and kisses are free..

Immortality (Christianity)

we cant deny the fact that we are sometimes a stubborn child..
..different beliefs, ideas and a hard heart..
put his heart on the rock and his ears on the air...
he won't hear you..
no matter what you said..
God is our guidance, always.
but it is ourselves who decide which way to go..
which we think the best for ourselves...
don't be blind, watch people around you.......
God is my guidance.