Sunday, June 15, 2008

I want myself back

i wanted to stop this feeling
and forget all about you
but i cant do nothing
it just gives me painevery single minute is like a lightyears to travel..
i wanted to give up..
but im too weak..
coz you took away my heart..
i wanted to get my strenght back..
but my sight are getting blurry..
i see dark ahead of me..
but how could a man fight without his heart?
pls give me myself back..


  1. moving on is difficult... but its a reality to be faced... and enigma to be solved and revealed... moving on one step at a time is the best way to do it... start by standing up everytime you fall... charoooooooot!!

  2. my heart was in pieces just before an artist came up into my life...he manage to fix it.,then it works.but now i cn feel that he's tearing what he had fixed..i told him to stop seeing me 4 a week bcoz of immature reason..damn!its my fault,i missed him so much.i txted him but his reply is so cold..i guess he'l leave me broken again,next week?or maybe sooner,today?...wahhhhhhh.TAGAM..
    MSG 4 U Mr. WEIRDO: You have my heart and i still want you to keep it..i'm sorry 4 being so immature in making decisions...sometimes i get so scared to be left again. My heart needs your TLC and wide understanding...i'm love is 4 real but scared..


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