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My "2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit" total experience

Nothing feels like home really. Yes! I’m home again my beloved Gensan City!.. I arrived around 1 o’clock in morning, 25th of the month..and immediately went to home while my mother is waiting for me to open doors.
Blogger Summit

Then at 7:00 am I went to Family Country Hotel where the MBS2 be held. At the entrance of the hall the registration has just started sponsored by ACLC. So as instruction said, “present your E-pass and any valid ID” and I did prepare them. After registration, I find a seat where I just sit there and look around all over the place and guess what? I was really surprised and not expecting the effort and preparation of the summit lead by Mr. Avel Manansala of whom which the host of MBS2. WOW! Amazing.. even just to read all those sponsors on the stage I can’t imagine how the event will go and what to expect or what is not? I salute to Mr. Bariles for having such a great sponsors!
While on the seat, there’s these two guys come to me in a Bloggers Suck and Skullhead shirt guy..shaking hands with me and well..getting to know each other personally…
And they said: hi, taga saan ka?
Me : from davao ako pero taga dito talaga ako sa gensan.. nasa davao lang ako for a living..
Bloggers suck said: O, I see.. ako from koronadal (or correct me I’m mistaken nakalimutan ko taga saan si bloggers sucks guy..hihi)
Skull head guy: Ako from Up din.. student kami dalawa ng UP…tagal ka na ba nagbabablog?
Me: ahmm.. last 2007 lang.. actually di yun talaga blog ang purpose ko dun.. para lang online yun sa client ko from abroad na he wants to see some of my works online daw..kaya yun. E ngayon freelance na ako marami na akong time so yung time na yun binubuhos ko na lang sa pagfocus ng blog ko..
Bloggers suck guy: ah ok.. ako naman mga march…
Skullhead guy: palagi ka ba sumasali sa ganitong event?
Me: ahmm.. actually I never know na may ganito palang nageexist na community kahit matagal na ako sa internet naghohobby.. sa mga forums..
Skullhead guy: ahh…ganun ba.. Sali ka lang ng Sali sa mga ganitong mga gathering, In a way mameet mo bloggers offline…tsaka ang saya ng mga ganitong event..
Bloggers suck guy: sa manila halos araw araw may bloggers party! Maraming sponsors at nagsosponsor..
---------then biglang may lumapit na girl.. I forgot her name though :P and the conversation was cut… (sabi ko sa sarili ko..ibang klaseng magPR tong mga batang to ah..)
While wandering around I see some folks whom I usually seen in blogger’s events like Migs (busy roaming around huh.. ? :0 hihih), Kevin (busy torturing his laptop’s keyboard) , Charles and Lyle (taking pictures all over the people and place) and oh! There’s Meiyah and her colleagues…uhmmm.. yun I just joined their table..From left: CyNurse, Lyle and Charles.
From Left: Kevin,, Bob

----Then the program starts..

First off, a speaker with a joker-thinggy costume (floppy hat) in his head, Mr. Jester. He is a political blogger and a contributor of, which he represents. He spokes about the outsight thinking of Mindanao. And hail this man! He has that humor that everybody enjoyed his speech and make the morning more lively.. He talks about the people from North what is Mindanao in their own knowledge. “A dangerous place to be”, and yes indeed, he’s right when people hear the work “Mindanao” the immediate response to that is conflicts and war. But I know Jester can explain it to his fellow South’s that it’s not! Mindanao is also like an ordinary place where people are bound to express themselves in their own way and beliefs. And conflicts are everywhere right? Don’t tell me in Luzon there’s no bombing? And I know people from Luzon always on the street to protest and throw those officials as well. It’s still the same right? The root is “Conflicts” Do you think Luzon or Visayas is the safest place to live in? Hell! NO! It is Davao (shouts!) which is the biggest city in Southeast asia! Now, tell me if you’re given to choose which to live in part of the Philippines, which would you be?
And Jester is right to his statement “Tells us your story”. Wow, when I heard that line I was ohhh..niceeee…I love that line.. It’s like he’s pointing right in my face that “hey you what is in Mindanao ba ha?” yung parang tinaasan ako ng kilay ni jester!. And I guess Mindanao Bloggers has the biggest role in the blogosphere to share the word and let the people know about it’s beauty and a lovely place to live in Mindanao!
And we heard voices from Mindanao Heartroots by Walter I. Balane of and Hector Miñoza of mindanaokini. Both of them were journalists before and current. They spoke about the social awareness of us (people from Mindanao). Making an identity and notes about Life and Living in the communities as well.
And we had lunch… food again! Haha.. the biggest part of the event that I always wait “FOOD” weeeeeeeee.. Burrpp.. Which is sponsored by City Mayor Pedro B. Acharon. Thanks CM! ^_^

A lot of freebies as well, one of which I wanted most is the free hosting accounts sponsored by Unfortunately, I never have one! Urrrrgghhh.. di talaga pinulot yung epass ko! Isang whole short coupon bond yun Migs and ate Joan huh.. (:P) Well, I guess it’s just not my time.. :P

Then I heard the voice from Google represented by Ms. Aileen Apollo (the only Google employee in the Philippiens) She shares about new social media and blogging tips. She’s pretty by the way and a has lovely voice (no stir huh!). Then there’s Ria Jose who shares about Entrepreneurial Blogging. And mind you, I never heard of Ria Jose ever in the field of wedding events in Davao City. I’ve been in the field for almost 5 years already and I guess 90% of the people surrounding the field was I already know and or know me. Let me share about this bit first why, I am one of the pioneers of 1001 Digital Photography which had a big blast on the field in its launched way back 2005. In the names of Candelario B. Miculob, Milvene Mineses and Val Adonis San Diego owned and managed. It was the biggest competitor of Lito Sy Studio in the field of wedding photography and glamour’s. Both of the studios can be found in SM Davao. After a year I resigned and went to Garsuta Digital Photography which I am a photographer and artist as well for about 3 to 4 months only and resigned. Then after, I went to Bride’s Delight Photography by Roy Te Oliveros. Roy Oliveros was the right-hand of Lito Sy eversince he started photography. And it also made a blast in the field. After a year again, I resigned and decided to be a freelancer. Having had a name in the field I guess that would make my living be still. For the past years I’ve meet a lot of people behind it. Noel Tanza of Golden Touch, Bevs of Cake Creations, Donn Gonzales, Al-ryan Alejandre of Occasions, Buds Briones of RSVP Events, Benjamin Young III… and a lot more! I guess I should feature them in my blog..hmmmmSo, I guess I could get in touch with Ria Jose about this matter.. (malay mo baka may prospect client sya para sa akin..hihihi) Noh poh Ms. Ria? afterwards in her speech, I know that her market was abroad and online that’s maybe she’s blogging. But then, I visited her wedding site I found out that she was there in Ben Young’s wedding in Pearl Farm resort. Although, I am not there but maybe the bottom line is we’ll get into one site of a wedding soon…And I guess she was one of the Organizers of the Wedding Expo held at Marco Polo late this year? I don’t know..uhmmm..Ria?. Anyway, for futher info about her just visit her site at

Then A voice from a photoblogger in the name of Bobby Timonera a photo journalist as well. He is the man behind What makes me stunned is that the photos that he shows on the screen! As in “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!??” People hand-tied and hanged. OMG! And that he says, “I am of one those people who make Mindanao a bad Image. I am the man behind it.” That makes him hide over a couple of years because of threats. But guess what? He was born in Mindanao! And in Mindanao is where he hides with his family..gusshhh. sabi ko sa sarili ko “ano ba tong taong to..matapos ang mga magagandang speeches before him it was a BANG!(gunshot)” He is different as he is talaga… tsk tsk tsk.” “Bad news is a good news for me”, he added.

But that was the past people! Now, he is completely revived Mindanao in his heart-melting photos!! WOW! What a wonderful images! Visit his Mindanao’s pride site at now! And you heart will melt and your eyes will gaze from the beautiful colors of the sky, the bountiful sunrise, the tempting green color of trees… to festivals, to people, to flowers.. to land or seas.. and the rest of the Beautiful Mindanao!! On the next day he’s off to Balut Island for a travel and take photos. Let’s wait for his images soon!

Then there was a shout-outs and Outdoor lifestyle Blogger from Dr. Bone M.D. A tech blogger from Davao by Migs, a student blogger from Mikko Gozalo, class="fullpost">a Food blogger from Blogie Robillo, an Advocacy blogger from Mark Aethen Agana, and a place blogger Avel Manansala.
Avel Manansala

And presentation of the 1st summit resolution. A resolution to promote Mindanao in its beauty of cultures and for PEACE! I accepted the resolution and commit to it in a way of being myself and my stories in the medium of technology. You can visit the resolution here.

While having break, I went to Smart Center in KCC to pay the bills of my Mom’s Smartbro Connection. I had relax my ass for about 30 minutes on the seat..hihihi namumula na pwet ko sa kakaupo e.. ang gaganda at gagaling kasi ng mga speakers. I really had a bunch of knowledge and acquire them from places to technologies in a different angles and perspective.

Then I went back to the hotel for a Sashimi Night Cocktails (again a foodtrip! nyahahah ) You know what, I do love to eat more fish rather than a pork or chicken. I don’t know why..I know I am Generals (people of Gensan) but I just love it more than any other dishes! The Sashimi Night was sponsored by Pacific Seas. There was a lot of different kind of fish dishes served. One of my favorite was the Tuna in a round coated something I don’t know (I don’t know the name..tsk). There is also a demonstration on how to make sashimi. From cutting the head to slicing it in pieces. After a couple minutes the City Mayor Jun Acharon arrived and join the Night with us. Sabi pa ni Ghenessa “Si mayor parang kamukha ni Jestoni Alarcon” haha..nuh ba amkuleet huh.. nagging showbiz bigla ang nasa utak..

Now where in to the last hours of the 1st day, a breath-taking dinner was served! Why breath-taking? Guess what, the dinner was not only served with delicious and mouth-watering food but served with hot and yes a breath-taking show from Ramon Magsaysay Colleges which also be presented in Japan for a certain contest I think. The show was so naughty (hihihi eyes-rolled) and everybody was shocked..everybody is quite and don’t know how to react maybe..haha.. grabe talaga si Avel kung maghanda ng hapunan! Gusto ko ulit magdinner kasama si avel! Ano sa tingin nyo guys? Hhahahahah.. You can see some of the videos here by Ria Jose in her video blog.

The night was ended with a full party with Live Band music… And ohhh Rodney (the man vocals of the band) was my Accounting teacher during college years at Goldenstate College. Sad to say, when I talked to him he didn’t recognized me anymore. He was a very good teacher really.. (xempre flat 1 grades ko dyan e..hahaha kaya tama lang puriin ko naman cguro dba? :P) joke! Di talaga, he’s really a good teacher and I can easily understand the way he talks and explains.

One of the blogger named by Henry, also my tablemate approached and talked to me that he’s leaving and went back to davao that night. And I was thinking, it was already late.. “I think there’s no more busses going to davao this time”, I said. Don’t you wanna join tomorrow’s tour?, I ask him. Wala daw sya nakapabook ng room kasi late na daw sya.. uhmmm.. So I just immediately lend a hand to him and offer that he could stay in our house and slept for the night. Oh diba, di lang ako natoto sa MBS2 I gained new friend pa.
I was very tired after all…

The 2nd day of MBS2. Touring Gensan’s Pride.

General Santos City is the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, so the first stop is the FishPort itself. How refreshing it is to be in Fishport again for a couple of years. It was once my source of income before. It’s what they locally called “Panipis” or retailing. Where I buy a bunch kilo of fish and sold in small public market. But I still went to Davao to venture other types of living and style. I am the type of person who loves to travel and explore things. I don’t want to limit myself for just a couple of things around me and be satisfied. I have this big dream of becoming an impossible thing to possible. Why not right? God said “You can move a mountain when you just believe and have faith in me”.

Doctor Abella sharing about her beautiful garden
Next stop, Saranggani Higlands. It is located at the highlands of General Santos City that’s why highlands. We also meet the owner of the Restaurant. Apart from a business owner she is a Doctor too, Doctor Abella(don’t know specifically her field). She was sharing about how romantic it is by night. Right in front of the view, you can see the wide blue water gulf of General Santos. The air was so fresh and calm and different colors of flowers blooming around the place. “When it is full moon, I’m having an acoustic night here and invite friends and visitors to come”, she said. And she showed to us the photo albums of some of the events held already in the garden. There were weddings and other occasions. And oh Renee Salud was been there na pala, and the whole basketball team of Realtors as well. No wonder why it is one of the tourist spot in General Santos City.

Last stop, the mansion of Manny Pacquiao. We were given the chance to see and roamed around the house.

To sum up it all up! MBS2 is a great opportunity and a very successful event. Lasting memories to keep. Keep shining Mindanao Bloggers!

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  1. I don’t want to limit myself for just a couple of things around me and be satisfied- I love this line, ganito din kc ako, Anywayz, what a great events, i hope one day magkita din tayo for some bloggers events. I'm from Mindanao also from Camiguin Island but here in Cebu City for living. keep it up!


    Yes, let's meet up soon? :)

  3. wowow talgang di tayo magpapahuli
    proud for us guys..BE PINOY!

  4. Ako si Bloggers Suck guy. TagaGenSan ako. =D Wahehehe.

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    dapat nagkwentuhan tayo e c: kaw talaga :p

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  7. @jester yeah FTMFW!!!

    @jovah sure one day we'll see each other and share at least a day as an offline blogger.. ibang feeling din kasi pag nasa offline kayo.. yung tipong nagkakahiyaan pero gustong gusto mo... that made the exciting part of blogger event.. but habang tumatagal you'll get close and know each other...

  8. @Ria You're welcome! yes let meet up soon.. hihi medyo dili lang jud ko ana kavocals sa personal.. I'm a type of person na "Listening=learning=express" thing.. yung tipong naa ra sa kilid kilid pero naga observe diay to..char


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    bitaw next attend ka..salamat sa pag agi..

  11. hehehehe...mmmmmmmm....ur welcome, bday ko?!?!jejeje...cge, invite k namin, si jed daw kasi ang magshoulder sa deserts, ikaw?lechon sau?hehehe

  12. waaaaaaaaaa..... ako lang magshoulder sa sarili ko.. nyahhaahah presence lang talaga maoffer ko.. pd naman cguro na? heheheheheheh

  13. Hi There! Thank you Gen Santos!!!!

  14. natuwa ako sa post na 'to ah. Cool. Nice meeting you deejames :D

    Ako si Skull-head guy? Hahaha. Naaliw tlga ako sa pagbabasa. :D Salamat. See you sa MBS3!

  15. remember you! mas lingaw ato bonding kay after na sa summit.
    maayo kapa nka post nah...medyo na busy man gud ko pagbalik nko davao.
    kita kita na lng sa mga sunod na events...
    tama d ai?..
    kabalo ka magkuah og videos during parties?..
    or naa kay copy imo previous works?...

  16. what a very long and nice post wehehehe... may pa xa kabuhat na gyud ako wala pa... wehehehe... soon... abangan.. nyaikz!

  17. @aethen hehehehe amfkukulet nyo kasi that time.. oh no.. i mean entertaining pala..wakekekek

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    maayo kay nakauli ka diri..ako mingaw nako davao! hehe.. didto manko ng college.. regards na lang ko davao! hehehe

  22. hala.. biboha ui.. naa unta sad inani sa CDO ui...

  23. Ang saya naman dyan at ang ganda ng view. :) Btw kumusta sir DJ?

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  25. Taga GenSan diay ka?Daghan kaayo ko kaila na taga GenSan...Royeca, Serquina, Rivera ug Betonio. Naa pa sila Elegino ug Mallabo plus ang mga Uy na tag-ia ug hotel atbang sa Gaisano (nakalimot na ko sa pangalan sa hotel). Pirmi ko diha tung una 1996-to early 1998 because of our events.

  26. Hey James!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Nakakainggit naman kayo, buti pa kayo nagkikita offline ng mga ka-blog nyo jan sa Mindanao. Dito sa Iloilo wala pa talagang nagoorganize ng ganyan event eh. Teka suggest ko nga sa admin ng Iloilo Bloggers.hehehe
    Anyway nice post, learned much! Keep it up! :)

  27. im so jealous.. i wish i went there.. but im new to this blogging world and i dont know what will happen to me there.. although ive been in gensan few times already.. still im afraid... i dont know anyone and non of my personal friends are bloggers - i dont want to go alone..hehe

    basing on ur blog, it was a fun and nice event.. dami palang bloggers.. hehe XD

  28. hahay..kakainggit! Taga Mindanao pa naman ako...I've missed once again the MBS2, the same with MBS1 held in Davao...conflict sa work! I was in Marbel (koronadal) when MBS2 took its place to follow up some commitments...

    Nice site!

    MBS3..humanda ka!

  29. wish I was there too! Kakainggit! AM also a Mindanao Blogger.. care to xchange links? ur already in my link list.:)

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  31. @niel ganun?? huh ?

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    @maryjanecabrera no problem!.. bat hindi nalang ikaw mag organize ng ganitong event?

    @kikai marami man mag accommodate sayo when you want to join the event.. so you dont have to worry about it.. sayang sama ka sana.. it's very fun talaga.. .SUPER!

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