Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Atenean 101 banner request

For atenean101's request. I hope it suits to his taste. The pictures of him are in there. His current theme color. And I added some talk clouds as a design accordingly to his tag line "My random thoughts" with question marks inside it. And all his banner texts. The size of the theme itself 995px, so all you have to is just double click the image and view the image properties or you may download it and host it wherever you want and add to your header. To atenean101: if you have something to revised with it just tell me. If you want to add something or to tweak or whatever you dont like or dislike just give me a buzz. Or if you want, I'll make a template for you for free.. (hehe) anyway, I'm just making fun of it... (just so long you make a review on my site...that makes me a lil bit happy..haha)


  1. hello dong deejames finis na ang link ta naka...

  2. woie..salamat mommy gen! mwahuggzz. yiiik

  3. hi! ganda ng banner.. how much bayad niyan?

  4. i like ur page. i'll vote for ur philipine blog contest. sometime, visit me ...

  5. @Juan Makabayan its free po... he is my regular visitor and my top dropper.. so I think he deserves to have it free..

    @lili11 thanks for the visit and sure expect me on your site then.. or you can subscribe me through emails.. right top of the page just select which you prefer..

  6. Toinks! Oi deejames, thanks for the message. The thing is, I have already changed it. It`s actually on my mind earlier but forget to do the task, hehe, but really thanks for remindin me. Also, there`s something I need to be revised. WEEEE, sana okay lang, kakahiya na. Wahaha. But since I already did ask you the favor, lulubuslubusin ko na. *toinks! Could you change into ••• atenean101 @ Blogspot? By the way • is alt+7. I jaz don`t want my visitors to think that it`s my email add, hehe. Could you do that? And pagawa narin ng template. send it at Hehe. Thanks. Abusuhin ang kabaitan ni deejames! Wakekek.

  7. I jaz wanna add somethin `bout the template... Make it two sidebars, left&right. Just try to look at the layout of my current page. Thanks again friend. Hehe.

  8. wahahahah... ahmmm. teka teka lang... hinay hinay lang.. di ko pa
    magagawa yan ngayon kasi may summit pa akong pupuntahan sa gensan.. a
    blogger summit.. so baka late november ko na magawa yan.. and pls do
    me a favor as well to review my site and give some insights about me
    and my blog.. thanks.. I promise i'll make you a template.. just after
    I went back here in davao..

  9. ahh okay! oo tama. he deserves it free.. add na kita sa links ko.. ^__^

  10. ka nice gud anang bloggers mate kay naay pakals hehehe
    na add kana nako James didto sa akong haybols :)

  11. @pchi :P

    @Juan Makabayan uu top dropper ko kasi to e! kaya as my reward to him is this.. hihihi

    @ethel nice mo lang! libre pa gyud.. unya syalan ang place... unya naa pa jud mga freebies and party pips.. whew.. as in lingaw jud!

  12. waw nice... you're talented. hehe

    agi ra ko.. sayang wala ko kaadto sa blogger's summit. tsk

    mind if we exchange link? :)

  13. wow.

    ganda nman ng design ng blog na toh..hehe

    my byad ba mgpa.gawa ng header image?


    pangit kasi header image ng pinoy fear factor blog ko eh...

    hehe...pwede pa gawa kuya? :D

    btw, this is aldwin. :D

    and pr3 yan.hekhek


  14. @janus thanks... sa MBS3 wag mo na palampasin.. masaya ang summit! hehe

    @aldwin salamat po.. wala po bayad yung ginagawan ko ng header.. it's a worth paid kasi sa pagiging active nila sa blog yun lang.. and they give me a post linking back to me.. hmmm..gusto mo gawan kita ng header? pag di napo ako busy kasi meron pa ako 2 projects na gagawin.. yung template ni atenean at header ni aethen.. after sa kanila i'll try to make you one.. also added in you my links.. now ur turn

  15. hi james, this is aldwin. sorry ngaun lang nka.balik. :d hehe...

    yeah. i'm actually looking for a person who can make a header for my pinoy fear factor fan site. hehe... Sana, gawan mo kmi. please. :D


    kuya james, ill give you free advertising on my site pag ganun. hehe

    pwede naba yun? have added you on my links. :D


    e2 yung fan site,


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