Friday, October 03, 2008

Fall in love, to love and be loved.

After waking up today, I usually check my phone first before getting up from bed. And I got 1 message received. It's from Grace, a girl whom I courted long before and I don't know if it still be like it was before.. we usually go out on a date before but not already know a lot of things happen, misunderstandings, hectic schedules and other things that makes her busy.

But today, I wonder what she's trying to say with this quote to me..I don't care if it was send to many or what but we all know if we try to send a quote message to someone we know, you'll think first if it has something related to the sender right? It's just keep me wondering why, coz it touches me...

There's a special level
of comfort between two
matching souls.
An unbreakable bond
of constant support
and closeness

It's when a warm embrace
feels so right.
Or when two hands fit
so snugly.

It's a feeling that's
hard to define
but easy to recognize.

And when you find
that comfort
you just know,

you'll never let go..

Everybody in this world
is scared
and sometimes,
it takes two
scared persons
to do one
brave thing:

to fall in love,
to love
& be loved.


  1. HI.
    wow. ang habang text msg naman nyan..
    hmmm...maybe she realized your worth and that she loves you too? hehehe..why not ask her kaya?

    btw, thanks for the visit.. I love your designs.. as in expert!

  2. uu nga e ang haba..actually I confront her before im thinking that was over..but it confuses every time she sends messages.. hmmmm ewan..

  3. mhmm.. ambot lang ha.. pero pag mag send ko ingon ana na message.. di pud basta basta. haha. kung sa girl to girl.. wala diod na meaning... pero kung girl to boy.. medyo naa. hehehe. samot na imo gud sya gina court dati. tapos kung naa mu court kunuhay sa usa ka girl nya di nya gusto hagbay ra ug mu send sya ug message.

    na gets mo ako comment ? kay ako wala kasabot. hahaha

    pero depende ra pud... naa man uban nga send send lang.

    in short: nice ang quote.

  4. hmm.. I don't know either what she's trying to say that to me.. or she really intend to send that to me... but whatever it is time can only tell..


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