Thursday, October 02, 2008

Important Wedding Tips!!

wedding layoutNow, you're engaged and plan for a wedding. Planning a wedding is not easy as 1 2 3 and you're done. Wedding is the most memorable day that will ever happen to a man and woman. It is the most spectacular event of your life. Many of people dont know how to have a perfect wedding. For the past years I'm working as a layout artist I know a lot of failed, unplaned, and some worse cases during the wedding. I tell you, you should take note of these facts if you want your wedding to be perfect and we'll planned.

1. Plan ahead of time.
The longer you plan for the wedding the most perfect wedding you have. And you can even make a discount from other services but same quality (if you're a budget thinker). But if you have all the money why hesitate to pay if you can afford? it's for your own good anyway.. High quality of services pays much..

2. Coordinator or Event Planner.
Comparing a wedding with a coordinator and without. Having a coordinator is 99% sure successful event compared to a wedding with no coordinator. The worse is you can't enjoy the day when something has a problem. Just imagine you are on the middle of the celebration and some of your friend, family or anyone approach and telling you there no more food to eat? haha.. So have a coordinator and talk to them about your wedding preferences. Will it be a garden wedding, a hotel or a church wedding or whatever it is...and leave the rest to them.

3. Photographer and Videographer.
Just as I said, wedding is a spectacular event of everyone's life so take the most out of it. Having those delightful memories of a lifetime. Look for a perfect photographer that suites to your taste. And note: make friends with the photographer and feel easy to them. In that way the photographer will feel he/she is comfy to you and its easy for him to coordinate your perfect angles. And likewise the photographer too. A good set of both minds makes a perfect picture.

4. And the rest is yourself.
The secret to have a blooming beauty in your wedding is a good sleep. And ppfffff!! IT"S YOUR DAY!!


  1. I have been in 18 weddings total. None ever go as planned so I always tell people to leave elbow room for errors. And to relax ..... I am sure my wedding (when i am 60) will be a fun disaster!

  2. unsa sulti niya james 18 weddings total? do u know what im thinking right now? i mean o.O cant imagine..,

  3. opssss for got to introduce.. - Maikeru

  4. hey, I have a business proposal to ya...since you're in photograhy...why not, get in partnership with my catering business? I charge reasonable prices, so it's not hard to sell my service and food...what do ya think? its just a proposal, just let me know...

  5. Very nice layout, graphics. Have you tried Elance? You seem to know your stuff, you will earn loads of moolah there.

    Take care of editing first though- I noticed a couple of errors in English.


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