Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Rhia's 1st Birthday Bash Layout

It was her 1st Birthday and at the same her Christening
Celebrant: Rhia Denise
Date: June 17, 2007
Photos by: Roy Te Oliveros
Album Type: Coffee Table

Rhia's firsy birthday bash album layout
Cover Page

The details

While getting dressed

with her friends...

It's only a snap to her full album.. It is a 20 pages story album in a coffee table type.


  1. Cute! :) Ahh, this is what you've been doing while I'm bugging you. Haha.

  2. Oh, she's adorable!!!! SO cute!

  3. hala ka nindot a layout pang pro jud ay.
    ka kyut sa smile aning bebeha. Salamat sa pag share sa imong mga creation bai james.

  4. so cute naman.. mukhang bibbo no?

  5. She's so cute and adorable. What a lovely dress. Thanks for voting and adding me here.

  6. ang CUTE!!! Ka pangalan ko siya hehehe kaya cute!

  7. hey, deej your really good c: how much do they pay you for the shoot and layout? lovely talaga c:

  8. @ethel, marlene, nahj12, rolly, riyah and miah..

    thanks! yeah that baby is very cute and very bibbo talaga..

    @iceah i only took the layout and enhancing of the images I did not take the photos.. I've posted the photographer of that event which is my ex-boss Mr. Roy Oliveros.. and the payment? it's a matter of privacy about the pricing kasi.. hehe


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