Monday, October 13, 2008

My balls

Create a 3d ball in Adobe Photoshop
Hi guys, how are you... it's been a while i haven't post.. been busy over the past few days and i cant manage to go online... well, anyway, for a start of my internet lobbying again I created some balls with D inside.. im practicing this quite some time now on how you can make balls.. I know it sucks but it was the best for me..haha..hope you like it..


  1. wow what a great balls man!! make my balls glow too~ Maikeru

  2. it is very creative and i like it...btw, added you today...thanks for visiting my blog

  3. hmmm...The balls...
    hehe.I admire how u do ur craft so well.take care!

  4. Nice gud.... kuyaw lang kaau ka'g title bah kay my balls gyud... nyahahaha...

  5. nice nice balls! oh hi there joan... hehe, small world, isnt it!

    howdy, deejames!

  6. wow, christmas is in the air. :)) busy pala ikaw. tc.


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