Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Truths about me

I would like to thank this tagging relay game to Ms. Glitterminded for tagging me... heheh

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1. I am using my own PC which I placed in my friend's internet cafe. I cant afford to have my connection in my rented room (coz i live alone). At least I saved a bit.. hehe
2. I am 24 years old, a freelance wedding layout artist, I am a photographer too but I dont have any camera.. hehe it's just Im working before as a photographer and artist as well.
3. I used to be a programmer when I graduated from college. In fact I was awarded as "Computer Programmer of the Year". But because academics and living your life in reality is different. I never expected I came to this field of photography. Although even before I love Arts. I used to join Poster Making and Slogan contest during my childhood ti'll high school days. So I easily adopt this kind of field.
4. I was raised in General Santos City the tuna capital of the philippines. I used to eat fish. I love fish. When you compare fish to any other meats to me, I eat much of that fish like 80% and 20 percent the rest. I like seafoods specially crabs...
5. I'm a deep person. You cant easily figure it easily what I really feel inside when you know me better personally. but I am friendly and easy to be with.
6. And lastly, Im looking for a girlfriend. haha..

Call me weird, nerd or whatever. It's just me, I won't pretend like somebody just to impress...
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