Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Goodbye Granado Espada

Just this time i've given away my granado espada account to my my friend.. its been so long since i did not play it. And there's a news that the servers will be merge into two servers only. So, i lose hope of coming back to the game. I really dont have to it now. Im busy with my freelance career and this blogging thing really got my attention... He was trying to ask me in a kidding way..but i got his point..It's hard to manage and be on their levels now.. so I just give it to him right away that kiddy thought..

I miss my Airotsih Family in Granado Espada.. I love them so much.specially my Elementalist which i named her when i start courting girl named Eireen Grace. awwwww... My Beloved James (the fighter), Hermione (Catherine's Str Type), Grace (Grace Bernille), Catherine (Catherine the summoner), Kuya (Scout), Animor (Romina), Jacko (Jack the Carpenter), Daddy (Wizard), my ever loved Damvoldore (Claude Baudez). I miss Vivaldi, the Andramada Faction, the Eladon's Party, the rest of friends in the game. I'll be missing you all.

Airotsih Family of Vivaldi


  1. i havent tried playing granada Espada yet... but ive some of my friends playing! I'm a fan of flyff and addicted to it but when i start blogging... my addiction has gone out! ^^

  2. granado is a fun game... i was also a flyffers before from Bubbles server.. my account is handled by my friend.. what server are you?

  3. Yeah, GE is now merging. That's not a good sign. I miss playing the game too.

  4. ei james u havent mentioned here that we won 3rd place in GE Event contest held @ SM City Davao,hehehe me too i already give my account and karl already carded my Claude huhuhuhu but still i have my Viki and tress marias (Catherine) oh well...-Maikeru


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