Saturday, October 04, 2008

My first image tracing in Illustrator

hi guys, I still can't get over my imagination and seeking tutorials about digital imaging.. and I finally got Adobe Illustrator now from my friend. I installed it immediately and look for some tutorial over the net. I found this really good tutorial about tracing an image from a scanner. But this picture of mine is a raw image. For further about the tutorial here is the link.

Traced Image

I can't manage the trying to color it in photoshop..just give me a bit more time..hehe. It took me 2 hours to finish.. I;m still looking for some other coloring technique around here..seems a good start. and i found a lot from Illustrator this software is really cool!..


  1. Ganun ba talaga un? Naa man kulang sa traced image ang imong bigote at balbas. Hehehe

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  2. sounds cool.
    Thanks for sharing the tutz James
    ako ning sulayan :)

  3. @sam hehehe.. sagdi nalang sa ng bigote kay ingon pa nila gilokan daw sila magtanaw.. hehehe..dont mind that bigote thingy.. grabe ha hilig ka bigote? sa tanan bigote jud imong napansin ba.. dili akong pagkagwapo.. haha (assuming na gwapo)

    @lolli no probs lolli..

    @sense thanks...

  4. you are really good. i don't have the patience. wink* my co-worker was showing me for her it's a piece of cake me? shaking my head. hehehe. she color her in illustrator i'm sure you will find tutz how to do it.

  5. mang gilokay man gud daw ka james mao na... certified blogger nman kaau ka uie, sa una wala ta lain gi buhat kng d cge lng dula online games karon naa na jud ta kanya2 dskarte sa kinabuhi hehe - Maikeru

  6. wow!! iv been around with people who use illustrator for tracing purposes as naturally easy as ms word for typing and man, it's HARD for me to even look at them (parang anhirap!)

    so i congratulate you. this is a nice piece of work considering this is your first image tracing. ^_^

    thanks for the visit too!


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