Friday, October 17, 2008

Added new template modification

hmmm..template designing seems so fun. Every time I see something new I could just think how to do it and add in my blog again. I can resist to get to know and even can't sleep. jussshkkooo... (hehe). Then I went to cafe near Atenedo de davao University at 5:00 in the morning. And in found out some of the cafe attendant there were bloggers also (haha). Namely Janet and Jesica of FRB Internet Cafe. And they've seen me editing my template without knowing they are on my back! (sneaking huh..!? hehe)

Anyway, I have added a new modification on the template.. the one is adding a background image on Post Titles and the other is social bookmarking.


  1. Wow ganda! :) Is it possible to make the title font bigger?

    I know what you feel, I can't sleep too when seeing something new on blogsphere. Haaay.

  2. hello dee how u been? I used to like changing my blogger blogs design all the time. but i get tired of doing it sometimes. but i still change it during holidays though..

  3. wow james you never fail to impress me... this is truly work of an art... Maikeru

  4. @annamonique uu pwede ko pa palakihin and change ang color ng font kung gustohin ko..

    sinabi mo pa! hehe

    @irel ok lang ako iyrel... hehe kakatapos ko lang talaga ang template ko.kaya ito back to blog hopping and commenting...hehehe


    @Maikeru hehehe...kahilak man sad tag popcorn ana


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