Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First love never dies?

nah... i really believed on this.. i was third year high school when i got girlfriend and she was 2nd year high. we both first love.. but after the next year i transferred to other school... and after graduating we've seen each other but she has new boyfriend and after a couple of months they got married and we don't even a clear discussion about our attachments..and she came into our house but i never stepped her in..she just right at the street and cry over me.. damn.. i really cant forget that!

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  1. first strike...
    i am a fool in my first luv..i had this ideal guy in my mind but fall to some1 who's not.i begged for a pinch of his time but he was busy playing video games.i want a man and not a boy.
    second strike...
    currently,i'm in love with davao's wedding layout artist...dn't u thnk its foolish to be in luv in just 3wiks being together?i tried to cut it out but i failed..fool in luv jud.


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