Thursday, July 02, 2009

June: Wedding Month Ended

June is what we fondly called the "Wedding Month" for some reasons that I don't know.=) Yesterday was just the last day for the Month of June. So to give you an insights on what is all about weddings, I have arranged some photos of Davao's Top Wedding Suppliers from Wedding Gowns, Flowers, Cake, Photographers and other details from the wedding.

Wedding is one of the most precious memories of every man/woman's dream. It is the day that you'll promise a lifetime of love, through thick and sickness and in health and till death do you part. So in preparing for this big day, every woman had always her "Dream Wedding Gown". And with this, I have sought one of Davao's top Wedding Gown Designer in the name of Egay Ayag.

Photos courtesy by Simply Gray Studio of Milvene Mineses and Val Adonis San Diego.

Alegarbes & Quiaoit Wedding
Flowers by: Noel Tanza


Visaya & Torralba Wedding
Flowers by: Noel Tanza
Gowns by: Egay Ayag
Photos by: Simply Gray Studio

Michael & Adelle Wedding


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  2. yup.. dabawenyo po.. pero its not my photos po.. just read the post..

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  9. The pictures are wonderful, the wedding is lovely :)


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  11. Those are some beautiful photographs!

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